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Supports Your Natural Internal Cleansing
Everyone wants to feel good. With the growing amount of toxins in the food you eat, the air you breathe, and the water you drink, it becomes more and more difficult to achieve optimum health. Diet and exercise are simply not enough. PectaClear is clinically proven to gently and safely detoxify pollutants in the gut, soak up heavy metals and toxins in the bloodstream and embedded in body tissues to help restore robust health.
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Slim up™ Smart Pants
Slims & Smooths Cellulite
Laboratory tests show that you can lose up to three inches off your waist in just one week! This revolutionary, patented product will trim your waist, flatten your tummy, and take inches off your thighs. SlimUp Smart Pants not only help you slim up, but also smooth out cellulite. Drop a dress size the first day!

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Finally, Sleep You Can Count On
A good night's rest and quality sleep is one of the most important parts of attaining great health. There are so many hidden factors working against you - toxins in the air, radiation from hidden sources such as your wireless network and electrical devices in your bedroom, dust mites, etc. HealthClub Mattress Pad and Comforter changes all that and allows you to enjoy the amazing health effects and benefits of a good night's sleep!
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Weight Loss that Really Works and Really Lasts!
If you’re looking for a scientifically-proven, and clinically-tested way to help you shed excess pounds or to maintain optimum weight, look no further than Lean-Biota! It contains 2 very special key components that effectively address two main causes of weight gain that are often overlooked – excess sugar consumption and hormonal imbalance. Now you can manage your weight in a way that is healthy and effective with proven long-lasting results!

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Deep Sea Secret for Unparalleled Health and Well-being!
Derived from pristine deep ocean waters, Bio-Balancer helps replenish and restore your body’s supply of essential minerals and trace minerals like no other product can. Proprietary technology extracts highly-bioavailable ionic magnesium that supports over 300 biological functions in your body) along with more than 60 other ionic and trace minerals in their natural, delicate balance.

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